The Power To Heal - Josephine Grimes Holisticare, Complementary Therapy Practitioner, Ireland


Phytobiophysics was researched and founded by Dame Diana Mossop, who lives in Jersey. In Phytobiophysics tree and flower formulas, made from combinations of plant essences and based on the Chakra system, are used to heal on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels.

Phytobiophysics Treatment

Muscle testing is used to find information on experiences, traumas or tragedies that occurred at certain stages in people's lives which impact on their health in later years. From that information it is possible to find which tree or flower formulas may be used to enable healing to take place.

Podo-Rhacidian Mobilisation Therapy, although part of the Phytobiophysics treatment, is a complete therapy in itself for gentle cranio-vertebral structural realignment. It activates meridian/energy pathways to release toxins and disease taints. Muscle testing is used to find cranio-sacral imbalances and fingers and toes are mobilised to bring about musculo-skeletal and neuro-structural balance.

Benefits of Phytobiophysics/Podo-Rhacidian

Tree and flower formulas help erase from the cells the memory of traumas and stresses experienced during life, which result in illness or disease. The formulas, which are natural, are safe for everybody, babies, children, the elderly and even for pets. Podo-Rhacidian, together with Phytobiophysics flower/tree formulas, enhances the immune system, improves memory, harmonises emotional trauma and sadness, realigns structural imbalances, balances sugar levels and improves digestion, helps assimilate nutrients, improves sleeping patterns, improves fertility and helps with pregnancy, and antidotes pollution, toxicity, radioactivity and geopathic stress.